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22 August 2008

Joe Biden? Seriously?

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Has anyone else noticed that Obama’s choice of running mate is the same guy who told John Kerry he should pick John McCain as his running mate in the 2004 election? Why did Obama pick a McCain supporter as his running mate?

I guess that kind of decision fits well with the way Obama promised he would fight tooth and nail against telco immunity, then refused to actually participate in fillibusters and, in the end, rolled over and presented his throat when it came time to vote on the matter.

Why does anyone still think Obama’s any damned good?

I think this whole “Change” thing must have arisen from a misunderstanding . . .

Reporter: “What do you offer the American people if you’re elected President?”

Obama: “Chains.”

Reporter: “Change, huh? That’s a very provocative message!”

Even if he did say “change”, though, that doesn’t amount to much. Change what? Change your underwear? Well, it’s about time you change your underwear, Capitol Hill!

I don’t want your damned chains, Obama, any more than I want McCain’s.

meter.rb uses a linear function now

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In Sucks-Rules-O-Meter Value Comparison, a couple days ago, I mentioned a program I wrote that translated values collected for Sucks-Rules-O-Meters into sucks/rules quotients that are more easily compared.

Today, I refactored the program a touch and added in a linear function along with the decelerating curve function that meter.rb previously used. Now, the linear function that ranks list items from 0.00 to 10.00 is the default, and the decelerating curve from -inf (negative infinity) to 10.00 is used when you use the -t d option.

I created a test file called test.meter. It contains:


The output of meter.rb test.meter using the new algorithm looks like this:

highest : 10.00
high : 7.50
middlest : 5.00
low : 2.50
lowest : 0.00

The output of meter.rb -t d test.meter looks like this:

highest : 10.00
high : 9.50
middlest : 9.00
low : 8.00
lowest : -inf

The output of meter --help looks like this:

Usage: meter [options]
    -t, --type=OUT_TYPE              Specify the type of output you want.  At
                                    this time, the only option that has been
                                    implemented is 'd', which indicates a
                                    decelerating curve function whose maximum
                                    output value is 10.00.  If the '-t' option
                                    is not specified, the default of a linear
                                    function whose output value ranges between
                                    0.00 and 10.00 is used.

The source code of the current version of the program is stored at meter.rb.txt. For more information on some of what’s in the program — in particular, what can be done with the path variable — see Sucks-Rules-O-Meter Value Comparison.

Prompted by Sterling in comments, I realized I needed to add the output of meter.rb using the new algorithm, with the Operating System Sucks-Rules-O-Meter data as input. I’m using the data from two days ago, though, because I’m too lazy to check whether the numbers have changed at all since then. So, here’s the output:

VMS : 9.96
FreeBSD : 9.72
MacOS X : 9.42
NetBSD : 8.74
OS/2 : 8.48
MVS : 7.94
Unix : 7.82
AmigaOS : 7.16
Linux : 6.50
Solaris : 5.07
OS/400 : 5.00
NetWare : 3.73
BeOS : 3.58
MacOS Classic : 1.51
OpenBSD : 1.00
Windows : 0.82

Did I forget to mention anything else?

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