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23 July 2008

expand the Pathfinder RPG article on Wikipedia

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The Wikipedia article on Pathfinder RPG needs some more additions and fine-tuning. It’s still kind of a “stub” article, as it stands.

Things it needs:

  • off-site source links: Any Wikipedia article needs some off-site sources. An “external links” section, as at the end of the Arduin article, is nice — but more importantly, information within the main content of the article needs reference links (as in the References section of both of the Arduin and Pathfinder RPG articles).

  • fleshing out: There’s stuff already in the article that needs some additional content added. For instance, when I added the Abbreviations subsection, my explanations for each of them was pretty scant — except in the cases where there are no explanations at all. I just ran out of ideas for what to say. Perhaps more importantly, the Reaction subsection is just pathetic. Some cursory research at the Paizo, ENWorld, and RPGnet discussion forums and a little time spent writing up the information one finds there would help immensely (especially with reference links).

  • more writers: As things currently stand, I’ve written about 75% of the content in that article. This thing should not be solely my work. Adjust my phrasing where it’s clumsy or comes from too narrow a perspective. Add more sections and subsections to expand the scope of the article. Contribute!

There are some obvious sources for links and more information that can be used to expand upon the content of this article:

  • ENWorld Forum: There’s some Pathfinder RPG discussion in general, as well as PRPG vs. 4E discussion in particular, at ENWorld.

  • Pathfinder RPG page: There’s some information about the RPG here, of course, but perhaps more importantly you can start here to get a download of the current playtest version (Alpha 3 as of this writing). I’m sure that, in writing about Pathfinder RPG, it would help to have the development/playtest version of it handy for reference. This page also features commentary from the Paizo CEO, the publisher, and the Pathfinder RPG lead designer.

  • Pathfinder RPG Announcement: The press release style announcement of the upcoming Pathfinder RPG contains a fair bit of stuff that might be useful in fleshing out the Wikipedia article.

  • Pathfinder Wiki: The Pathfinder Wiki, while apparently prone to neglect, has a bunch of information in it that could be used. Of particular interest is the Pathfinder RPG page.

  • RPG subreddit: Headlines related to Pathfinder RPG occasionally make their way here.

  • RPGnet Forum: There have been some very contentious discussions at RPGnet on the subject of Pathfinder RPG, particularly as it relates to D&D 4E. The RPGnet community seems to have a strong 4E bias.

  • SOB/RPG: I write a fair bit about Pathfinder RPG in the RPG category here at SOB. Sources for “some people argue that blah” type content in the Wikipedia article, summarized histories, and so on, can be harvested here.

  • WotC/Gleemax Forum: I’ve heard rumors there have been discussions related to the “edition wars” between 3.5, Pathfinder, and 4E here. I haven’t seen them myself, but that doesn’t mean you won’t (especially since part of the reason I haven’t seen them is that I just don’t frequent the place at all).

Those are all general sources, for the most part. Some more specific sources include:

There ya go. I did half the work for you. Go forth and compose text.

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