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2 July 2008

Sometimes Adrian Kingsley-Hughes pisses me off

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Adrian Kingsley-Hughes is, among other things, the author of ZDNet’s “Hardware 2.0” Weblog and a separate Weblog called The PC Doctor. Oddly enough, the Hardware 2.0 Weblog has become a platform for him to talk about all kinds of crap that has nothing to do with hardware — and when he does so, he has a tendency to annoy the crap out of me.

His approach is particularly annoying when he takes on the subject of Linux systems. The format of these posts can pretty much be boiled down to this simple formula:

I love Linux. I’m a friend of Linux. Really I am. I don’t know shit about Linux, but I pretend to online. I claim to use it regularly, but I can’t even perform the simplest tasks, because I’m a complete ignoramus. The fact I’m a complete ignoramus is the fault of Linux — because Linux is too hard for me. Today, I’m speaking specifically of this one problem I have where I can’t do this one extremely simple thing with Linux-based systems that your technophobic luddite senile grandparent and your three year old niece can do easily. I will compare it unfavorably with MS Windows, but only by implication, because I know that if I actually described the MS Windows way of doing things you’d realize just how much easier it is to do this on a Linux-based system than on an MS Windows system.

This guy actually posted something on Monday about how installing software on Linux-based systems is too hard, because apparently he doesn’t know how to launch programs, or something. Like, when he installs 7zip (which he describes as being very easy at the very beginning of the Hardware 2.0 post — notice the lack of hardware topic in this, by the way), he then wonders where it went. He seems incapable of typing, for instance, 7zip. Seriously.

He claims he has to use Google to figure out how to use it!

How long has he been using Linux? Two minutes? WTF?

No, he claims he’s been using it for quite a while now, and uses it all the time. Somehow, though, it still never occurs to him that typing 7zip and hitting the Enter key might do something useful — unless he does that at Google, I guess.

Look at this. His willful ignorance and FUD peddling has gotten me all worked up, and I don’t even like Linux-based systems that much. I just dislike them significantly less than I dislike MS Windows systems.

addendum: This isn’t the first time I’ve written about AKH here. I just thought you might like to know.

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