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29 June 2008

Is gas really getting that expensive?

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I just did some simple arithmetic related to gas prices.

See . . . I’ve been hearing lately that predictions put gas prices at about $7 per gallon by the end of the year, so I figured I’d add up the comparative costs of driving to and from work in a car versus a motorcycle. Assuming a 30 mile drive to work each weekday, and a very conservative 220 work days per year, plus another hour’s worth of driving around each week, you’re looking at about 3800 dollars on gas, given a car with good gas mileage — at $7 per gallon.

A motorcycle uses about half as much gas as a car for the distance traveled. That means that if you can get a motorcycle (say a modest 600cc bike, rather than a gas guzzling monster or a weakling 250cc enduro) for under $2000, at $7 a gallon for fuel, it will pay for itself in one year on gas savings alone.

A couple years ago, when discussing the idea of getting a motorcycle for the fuel efficiency, it was always worth reminding oneself “Wait a minute, it’s not really saving any money. A motorcycle is a big expense.” If you get a good deal on a used bike, though — and at the rate gas prices are climbing — you’ll save money within a couple of years.

On one hand, I’m happy that the reasons to avoid getting a motorcycle are evaporating. I miss having a motorcycle (though I hope my next bike is less of a deathtrap of unreliable mechanical uncertainty than the last).

On the other hand, these circumstances say some really absurd, ridiculous, depressing things about rising gas prices. I mean, that seems pretty damned extreme.

Did I forget to carry a one, or something like that?

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