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16 June 2008

Anti-RKBA Orgs: the Enemies List

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I’ve started compiling and fact-checking a list of anti-RKBA organizations. As of this writing, the list hasn’t been fully researched and fact-checked, and of course there will always be more organizations that I haven’t tracked down and added to the list (yet).

This anti-RKBA orgs list is part of a larger project to start tracking issues and events related to the rights protected by the United States Constitution Bill of Rights in particular, and individual rights in general. I’d appreciate any help any of my readers might offer in my work on the anti-RKBA list, however. You can offer any information in comments here, and of course some of you have other means of contacting me (IMs, telephone, email, et cetera).

An Example of How and Why Fact-Checking is Needed:

If you follow one of the many links from the list to the NRA-ILA Fact Sheet page, you may notice that the AFL-CIO is listed on the NRA page, but not on my list. This is because, after doing some research on the matter, I have failed to find any corroboration of the NRA inclusion of the AFL-CIO in such a list. In fact, quite the opposite — while many gun owners hate the fact the AFL-CIO often supports anti-RKBA Democrats, the organization has also supported employee rights to have guns in their cars while at work. It seems to me that the AFL-CIO is simply a single-issue organization, and most of the time it’s Democrats who are on the same side of the issue.

Considering Republicans are often almost as bad as Democrats on the issue of gun control, and gun rights organizations will often support a Republican (like McCain) that has a record of supporting gun control legislation just because it’s not a Democrat, that’s hardly a scathing indictment of the AFL-CIO on the subject of gun control.

Plans for the Future:

Once I get through fact-checking the entire list, I’ll remove the disclaimer at the head of the list’s page indicating that some listed organizations haven’t been confirmed as anti-RKBA. Once that happens, I won’t add anything new to the list that hasn’t been fact-checked. Having seen the NRA-ILA list provide false positives, that won’t happen until I have some kind of corroboration for everything on the NRA-ILA list.

I’m planning a pro-RKBA list as well, and may even create a “mixed bag” list for organizations that substantively fall on both sides (which is different from those that apparently fall on neither side, like the AFL-CIO). Some of you may be surprised to learn that the NRA would be in the “mixed bag” category.

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