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4 June 2008

What’s wrong with reddit?

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I wonder if reddit had problems like this back when it was written in Lisp instead of Python:


Notice how the number of points indicated on the headline (1) differs from that indicated in the box on the right (4 – 1 = 3).

I’ve seen a number of weird little problems like that at reddit over time. Another one I’ve seen:


Those are just two issues I’ve run across in the last couple days, of course. There have been other inconsistencies and errors. Despite all this, however, things aren’t as bad as they are at Digg. At least at reddit pages consistently load in under ten seconds, the submissions process isn’t user-hostile, and I can actually find everything I need within a reasonable amount of time. Hell, I still haven’t found a “bookmarklet” for Digg. All of that is completely aside from the fact that Digg’s content tends to be considerably more low-brow, vapid, pointless — to say nothing of the much higher quality of discussion at reddit. Yeah, there are trolls and morons in reddit discussion, too, but I’m regularly surprised at the intelligent humor and knowledgeable basis for some of the arguments.

. . . but the reddit errors annoy the hell out of me, sometimes, and they seem to be growing more common. Maybe it’s just a subjective illusion. Maybe not, though — and if not, I wonder why the problems are getting worse. Probably some kind of issue with replication of data across servers, I guess.


I find the disagreement between the languages I mentioned and the language mentioned in the ad I found at the top of this page amusing too:

ad shows C++, content shows Lisp and Python

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