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2 June 2008

See Dick.

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See Dick drink.

See Dick drive.

See Dick plow through a group of cyclists in a bicycle road race, killing one and hospitalizing three others.

Caution: The photo shows the moment of impact between the vehicle and the group of cyclists. You can’t see blood, but it might make you queasy — especially if you’re the type of person, like me, who has a bicycle in the one to five thousand dollars range of value.


EDIT: Thanks to Brian for finding another copy of the image after the Flickr account where I found it disappeared. It accompanies a CNN story about the incident.

The Flickr caption indicated that the cyclists on the scene sought to dispense a little justice of their own, but the police officer escorting them arrested the driver — possibly saving his life (more’s the pity).

The CNN version of the image is cropped. The image at Flickr also showed a police car off to the right, where it appeared it might have swerved out of the way of the oncoming driver (thus leaving the cyclists unprotected). Whether that’s what happened, though, was uncertain from the image.

follow-up links: music and politics

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I have some follow-up links to recent SOB entries of mine for you. Note that all music downloads are entirely legal.

I think that’s enough for now.

When the sheep protect the wolves. . . .

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One might say the American people need the wool pulled from their eyes. The “ruling” parties — the Republicans and Democrats — and those who support their continued domination of US politics (such as the mainstream news media) are generally known to be less than strictly honest with the population at large. Those who are at least peripherally aware of just how deeply rooted the deception has become are surely conscious of the need to pull the wool from the eyes of the citizens of the United States of America.

My impression of the state of affairs in most other “Western democracies” is that their citizens are more complacent in their victimhood than those of the United States, but probably not significantly less aware of it. It would be difficult to be less aware, considering the blind, somnambulent state of the US voting (and often non-voting) public.

The world over, the truth is not so much that people need someone to pull the wool from their eyes, nor even that they need to do so themselves. How can we pull the wool from their eyes when it is not a mere scarf that obscures their vision? They are in fact sheep, and the wool they wear is as much a part of them as the eyes whose vision is obscured by it.

So long as the predators taking advantage of governmental power never cut away the wool around the public’s eyes, they never need worry that We, The People will ever realize the cold draft we feel is a result of having been sheared, nor that our growing discomfort is the doing of the wolves gnawing at our flanks.

Perhaps, some day, those of us amongst the flock who aspire to be wolfhounds will summon the strength to take a stand, and drive these predators away. For the moment, however, we’re having a tough time getting the damned sheep out of our way so we can do our jobs.

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