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15 May 2008

online searchable database of Fort Collins presidential campaign donors

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The SigO found an online searchable database of Fort Collins presidential campaign donors, which seems a little . . . ominous to me. This sort of information probably shouldn’t be so easily available.

Then again, I’m sure that trying to hide this information would result in only malicious security crackers being able to access it. It’s not like I expect anyone related to government to be able to do even a half-baked job of protecting a database these days. I’m sure there are some who do a good job of it, but they’re definitely outnumbered.

Oddly, the SigO isn’t in the database, and neither am I, even though we donated to Ron Paul’s campaign. Go fig’.

Isn’t it ironic . . . ?

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I just saw a McDonald’s commercial on TV. There was this guy holding some kind of McDonald’s sandwich thing. He grinned at the camera and said:

Let’s hear it for nonconformity!

Yes, really. In a McDonald’s commercial.


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