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15 April 2008

Penguicon, CFP, DEFCON, and travel costs

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As I mentioned elsewhere, I’m going to Penguicon this year. In fact, I’m leaving home tomorrow — road trip. The SigO is coming with me, of course. I have no idea whether I’ll have much opportunity to write anything at SOB from there, or whether I’ll have much to write about it when I get back, but I fully intend to have fun while I’m there.

I’ll be passing through Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana on the way. I don’t know of any readers of SOB in those states, but if you’re out there, perhaps you could offer suggestions for paths to take to make the trip easier or warnings about the behavior of the police and other undesirables in your home territory.


In the latter half of May, I hope to be able to make it to the Conference of Computer Freedom and Privacy. There’s just one small problem: between taxes and other expenses, I’m probably a little too tapped out to cover the cost. I’m kinda casting about for someone to road trip it with me to reduce expenses (alas, it looks like the SigO won’t make it to this one). If I make it, though, I’m pretty much positive that I’ll have stuff to write about it — if not here, then at ITSEC.


The least likely of the three is DEFCON. It depends on the SigO being able to get time off (kinda unlikely — but maybe) and having the money for both of us to make the trip. Luckily, someone in Vegas that the SigO knows (and that I sorta know) has offered crash space while we’re there — which should cover about half the expense, namely eliminating the hotel expense — and another couple we know in town might want to road trip it with us (which could help eliminate a significant chunk of expense as well). Time will tell.


I’m frankly stunned at how friggin’ expensive it has gotten to fly anywhere. Completely aside from the horrible experience of flying now, with the TSA doing its best to make flying a harrowing, unendurable experience, the cost of round-trip tickets has gotten to be such that two people going across the country and renting a car on the other end is more expensive than driving a lot of the time — even counting the skyrocketing price of gasoline. It’s insane.

I wonder how long it’ll be before the combination of price and annoyance has forced every potential customer out of the airlines’ market except those who essentially have no other option.

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