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2 April 2008

WikiVS — a new way to waste time

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note: Some RSS readers may screw up some of the formatting in this SOB entry. If you don’t see the strikethroughs, I recommend you click through — otherwise some of the sentences won’t make much sense.

I recently discovered an excellent new time sink resource for comparing the characteristics of competing products. It’s called WikiVS, and it’s a place where wiki pages are created to foster flame wars provide unbiased comparisons. I rather imagine it’s going to waste a lot of my time prove very helpful.

I’ve contributed edits to the Vim vs. Emacs, MySQL vs. PostgreSQL, and Windows Vista vs. Windows XP pages so far. In the Vista vs. XP page, I’m sure you can guess what part I edited just by glancing at it, as long as you do so before much more editing happens there.

I also populated my user page, of course. That should pretty much go without saying.

edit: I told Sterling about WikiVS yesterday, and he mentioned it at Chip’s Quips. He’s got some other links there, too.

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