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1 February 2008

trying captcha

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I’ve turned on captcha validation. That means there’s a little picture with some characters in it, and you have to enter them to be validated as a “real human being”.

I’d like everyone who sees this to test it for me by trying to post a comment to this entry. In a few days, I’ll turn captcha off again, mention that it has been turned off in a new entry, and ask for comments from anyone that had problems with it.


Who supports Ron Paul?

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Judging by tonight’s The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert supports Ron Paul.

Of course, he didn’t just come out and say it. In fact, he pretty much said the opposite. What he said explicitly is that Ron Paul is obviously crazy. It’s pretty obvious, though, that almost everything he says on that show is the complete opposite of what he really means. It’s called “satire” for those of you who haven’t caught on to his shtick yet.

One of Stephen Colbert’s guests supports Ron Paul, too — though he didn’t say so on the show. I’m speaking of Judge Andrew Napolitano, now a Fox News commentator, who said:

The Thomas Jefferson of our day, Ron Paul, is one of us!

Just thought you might want to know.

Oh, and . . . the Democrat debate was a major snoozer. I stopped watching a little over halfway through it. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever heard such dull BS. The two of them sat there essentially paraphrasing each other to prove how different they were from each other, and telling us that a differing number of X chromosomes or melanin qualifies as Real Change in politics.

The SigO actually fell asleep about twenty minutes into the debate.

One of the cats fell asleep, too. The other just left the room.

It was that bad.

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