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22 January 2008

political party websites

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In preparation for designing a new website for a local LP organization, I’ve been looking around at various political party websites. Just for the heck of it, I found myself comparing the content of the weblogs on the main Libertarian Party, Republican Party, and Democratic Party websites. Here’s a quick summary of the subject matter on each:

Democratic Party Blog: It was almost 100% attacks on the Republican Party and its Presidential candidates.

Republican Party Blog: It was almost 100% attacks on the Democratic Party, with special attention paid to Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.

Libertarian Party Blog: It was a mix of posts on issues important to libertarians and news about Libertarians.

I’ve noticed something else, with regard to the most libertarian-leaning candidate with any chance of winning a Republican or Democrat nomination for President this year (I mean Ron Paul, of course): he’s the one candidate among them who spends his time talking about himself, his platform, and the issues, rather than talking about the skeletons in everyone else’s closets. He’s also the only one that hasn’t said anything provably dishonest in this campaign, as far as I’m aware. He’s so much of what people claim they hope for and never expect to see — an honest politician who addresses issues and doesn’t shy away from letting people see him for who he is — that it just boggles the mind how many people seem to think he’s the Antichrist.

Some of the comments in the Democratic Party Blog in particular are kinda scary in their baseless accusations and ridiculously blind hatred for him.

Here’s another head-to-head comparison of all three parties:

Democratic Party Website: The right sidebar of the site has a link to a page that details the Republican Presidential candidates (and how awful they are, natch). I can’t find anything about the Democratic candidates.

Republican Party Website: I can’t find any pages offering information about any collection of Presidential candidates at all. Period.

Libertarian Party Website: Right there, on the front page, just below the “What’s New” content, there’s a big ol’ row of photos of four of the LP candidates for President, with text identifying it as leading to discussion of the LP candidates — all of them, not just the four who have qualified for direct Libertarian Party advocacy support. I can’t find any pages like the Democrats’ “Here’s how all the candidates from the Enemy Party eat babies!” page, though.

Having registered as a Republican because I support Ron Paul and want to participate in the Colorado caucuses is making me feel kind of dirty right about now.

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