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7 January 2008

07 JAN 2008 Ron Paul News Roundup

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I’m still of the opinion that Ron Paul may be our best chance for liberty in our lifetime here in the US. Here’s some of the news about this remarkable candidate for President:

  1. Fox News has provably, indisputably been caught in the act of censoring news about Ron Paul. Of course, most people who are aware of the Ron Paul campaign (which is to say: people who get their news somewhere other than Fox) were already pretty sure Fox was intentionally keeping Dr. Paul out of their reporting as much as possible. This is just absurd, though.

  2. John Armstrong analyzes Ron Paul’s fiscal policy as displayed in the ABC debate.

  3. MSNBC gets in on the censorship game. Reporting on a Facebook poll in which Ron Paul received 43% of the vote and Huckabee received 22%, MSNBC declares “Facebook chooses Huckabee”. Somehow, the idiots forgot to delete Ron Paul’s percentage when posting the statistics, though.

  4. Ron Paul is the “real” Goldwater Republican in 2008. That’s right — Barry Goldwater endorses Ron Paul (and says you should, too). Well, technically it’s Barry Goldwater, Jr. Goldwater announced he was re-entering the political spotlight to campaign for Paul in New Hampshire.

  5. Fox News excluded Ron Paul from a debate in NH, so the NH GOP withdrew their sponsorship. Those New Hampshire Republicans are a pretty stand-up crowd, that way.

  6. Ron Paul bought an hour-long TV spot on the same night as the Fox debate. His reasoning: “I can afford it.” Some of you may not be aware of Ron Paul’s record-setting financial contributions from individual voters, on one occasion receiving more than $6,000,000 in a single day of donations.

  7. The FBI raided the Liberty Dollar, and confiscated a bunch of stuff (including gold and silver and “Ron Paul Dollars”), without legal justification. They’re organizing a class-action suit in response.

Interesting facts:

  • 40% of the US population wasn’t alive the last time there wasn’t a Bush or a Clinton in the White House. It’s about time for a change.

  • Ron Paul has a sign on the desk of his office as a Representative in the House that reads “Don’t steal, the government hates competition.”

  • Ron Paul is the only major Presidential candidate who voted in Congress against the invasion of Iraq, the USA PATRIOT Act, the renewal of the USA PATRIOT Act, the Military Commissions Act, and every non-balanced budget to cross his desk — and has never voted for a pay increase for Congress.

  • When the Congress voted to award Mother Theresa, Ronald Reagan, the Dalai Lama, and others a Congressional Gold Medal at taxpayers’ expense, Ron Paul voted against it — and instead asked that every member of Congress contribute $100 of his or her own money to pay for it instead. The predictable result: members of Congress voted to use taxpayers’ money.

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