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18 July 2007

Commenting on all posts older than 200 days now closed.

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Hopefully this works properly.

The downside of doing my best to make sure that no anti-spam measure I use blocks false positives is that a lot more administrative overhead is laid on my shoulders. As more and more posts get better and better indexing in Google and are otherwise made more available to the comment spambots of the world, this means things are getting a bit out of hand. In a fifteen minute period (give or take) earlier this evening, for instance, I had sixteen new spam comments show up in my moderation queue. That’s just absurd. It’s time to change the way I do things, at this point. That doesn’t even include the stuff that’s automatically discarded (primarily fake trackbacks), which actually made up the majority of comment spam before I started discarding them automatically by verifying links for trackbacks.

I’ve considered a lot of options for how to cut down on the workload, and weighed the pros and cons (that’s plural of “con”, not a Lisp function, in this case). I think that closing comments on all posts older than six months, give or take, is probably the best I’ve come up with. I’m going to see how much this alters my workload, now — and if it works to my satisfaction, I’ll be happy with it. If not, I may drop that down to ninety days.

Of course, I looked at the (surprisingly simple) source code for this plugin, and it looks like it might create an inordinate amount of extra CPU load — it seems to dynamically check the age of a post every time someone loads a page that allows comments, or something to that effect. Hopefully that won’t prove to be the kind of problem I fear it might be, with increasing popularity of SOB. I doubt it’ll be a problem, but I’m wearing my cynic’s hat tonight, so we’ll see.

If you think of reasons this approach is a bad idea, please let me know. If you have problems because of it, again, please let me know. If you can’t post a comment, please let me know. I’m pretty sure that contact page is working these days.

I’d rather not close comments on any posts, ever, but there comes a time when I have to make a decision between closing some and closing all, I suppose — or otherwise restricting comments in some way, such as restricting to registered users, just to keep the spam comments to a dull roar. If you have better ideas, again, please let me know.

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