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17 July 2007

Me, featured in iGoogle’s FreeBSD news widget. That was quick.

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iGoogle screenshot

Check it out. My very first post to TechRepublic’s IT Security weblog, Five steps to becoming the local security guru, has appeared in the FreeBSD news widget I have on my personalized Google homepage (I loathe that “iGoogle” name they’ve given their personalized homepages, by the way — but not enough to stop using it). Imagine my surprise when I glanced at the FreeBSD news widget and saw the title of my own post. I’m sure I’d be less surprised if it wasn’t my very first post to the IT Security blog.

Anyway . . . I just thought I’d share the news (and increase my post-count over three weblogs today by yet one more).

MSNBC may be onto something with this marketing campaign.

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My first thought upon seeing this video of a mass-player breakout game knockoff was “What are the chances a they’d be able to play worth a damn in a group that large?” My second was “This is an excellent marketing campaign, if anyone remembers who’s doing the advertising after playing the game.” Finally, my third thought:

Is that for real, or is someone sitting in the projection booth with a joystick watching the way the audience moves?

where buzzwords come from

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Well, I found one of the people who invent ludicrous, meaningless buzzwords.

At ZDNet, Andy McCue quotes Gavin Whatrup, IT Director at marketing agency Creston:

With a mid-range Mac still being approximately 33 per cent more expensive than its Dell equivalent, don’t expect a mass migration to the Mac any time soon. OS X may be improving but it still has a long way to go to be as heterogeneously robust as Windows XP.

I really only have one question for that half-baked babbler: WTF does “heterogeneously robust” mean? I don’t think I’ve heard such a meaningless load of doublespeak nonsense in such a succinct package for years. I think the guy’s just grasping at straws, looking for anything he can say to deflect attention from the fact that he clearly has no clue what he’s talking about when he tries to defend MS Windows against its betters. Even if I didn’t think MacOS X was at its core a better OS than MS Windows XP, too much of that sort of talk would tempt me to elevate Macs in my estimation.

In general, the statements quoted in Will Vista cause a switch to Macs, Linux? miss the point. The main reasons for a majority of users sticking with MS Windows rather than checking out the alternatives are threefold:

  1. inertia
  2. the sunk cost fallacy
  3. listening to idiots like Gavin Whatrup


Apparently, I’m not the only one to think Gavin Whatrup is full of it. People who agree with me include:

  1. Richard Marshall
  2. Roy Judd
  3. OS X user
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