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16 July 2007

using Markdown

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I’ve decided to activate the Markdown plugin for SOB. This will hopefully provide an easier time of showing source code and performing other common text formatting tasks here, when I compose new entries. It also applies to the comments, however, which some of you should find quite a relief (for reasons similar to my own for activating the plugin, such as solving the alluded-to source code problem). Some may find it annoying.

For a quick primer and point of reference on Markdown’s text formatting syntax, I direct you to Daring Fireball’s Markdown Syntax Documentation page. Anyone that is familiar with common idioms of text-based email and newsgroup “formatting”, such as asterisks for emphasis and greater-than signs to indicate a quoted block of text, will find Markdown quite intuitive, I think.

It’s also, at least in slightly modified form, the formatting syntax used in reddit discussions.

edit: Wow, that was easier than normal. Yes, I’m quite happy with this decision.

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