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7 June 2007

“What’s your Web 2.0?” chain letter

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Sterling took a shot at the “What’s your Web 2.0?” chain letter in a post titled My Web 2.0? I’m waiting for the next version. He tagged me as a next link in the chain.

The rules are pretty simple: sort your “Web 2.0” website use into categories according to frequency of use; share the list(s) in your weblog; tag others; make sure you link to whoever tagged you and Engtech’s original post that started the chain. I think I can do that, though my categories may not match up exactly with Engtech’s. Such is life.

Frequent Use (daily-ish or more)

  • I don’t actually visit the site much. I basically just use the Bookmarks plugin for Firefox, so I can have the same bookmarks on several computers. Of course, I haven’t used another computer enough to even install the extension other than on my laptop, but just before I installed it I found myself moving between computers regularly. Go figure.
  • iGoogle: I loathe the new name for the personalized Google homepage, but I still use the thing. I basically just use it as a syndication feed-reader, with the Google Reader gadget, with some extra informational stuff scattered around it.
  • reddit: There’s just lots of gooey wonderfulness on reddit. I use reddit the way most users use, I guess — I bookmark stuff that I want to share with others there.
  • WordPress: Like Sterling, I don’t actually use the WordPress website daily — but I use the software, here at SOB. Of course, I don’t really use SOB daily, either, but it’s close. Sorta.

Regular Use (weekly-is)

  • Rotten Tomatoes: I wouldn’t even have thought of it as a Web 2.0 site if I hadn’t seen it on Engtech’s list, but once I start thinking about it — it is, indeed. Just as reddit probably doesn’t seem terribly “Web 2.0” (other than the color scheme and simplicity of design aesthetic, which is all superficial and unimportant to “Web 2.0” in the end) if you only use it as a news feed of sorts, so Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t seem very “Web 2.0” to me either (because I just use it to find out about movies).
  • Wikipedia: The online, open content encyclopedia is a great place to begin an investigation into, well, just about anything. If you’re going to want more information than just the summarized overview of an encyclopedia, skim the article and check out the reference links at the bottom. I do that a lot.

Occasional Use (monthly-ish)

  • Amazon: I love books.
  • Digg: Mostly, I just marvel at how bad the interface is in comparison with both reddit and, and at how much pointless frippery ends up on the front page, but once in a while I’m there to keep an eye on something interesting — like the recent revolt over AACS key censorship.
  • Google Analytics: I check it every now and then to make sure I’m not doing something too obviously stupid with regard to how I handle serving my readership. I don’t keep up with it much, though.
  • MyBlogLog: Once in a while I remember that it exists.
  • SourceForge: I try to avoid the place, actually. I prefer the FreeBSD ports tree, and even before I used FreeBSD I preferred the Debian package archives. Once in a while, though — more often than you might expect — I find myself reading about some application there because its maintainers don’t have enough sense to build a real webpage for the thing (or to mention its licensing terms).
  • Wikinews: It’s my favorite actual news site, generally speaking. I just don’t consume the front pages of actual news sites to visit even my favorite more often than this.

Bonus! Almost Never

  • LinkedIn: I keep forgetting it exists — worse than with MyBlogLog.
  • MySpace: I actively avoid it, actually — but once in a while someone I know does me the grave disservice of directing me to it. For some unfathomable reason, otherwise intelligent and reasonable people seem to actually think it’s a good idea to spend time there.
  • Technorati: This is starting to sound like a common theme. I keep forgetting it exists.

Extra Bonus! Special Mentions

  • ResumeBay: This deserves a special mention because I’ll probably be using it a fair bit more in the future (more, that is, than the three times I’ve been there already in the last couple months or so). It looks like something worth checking out in more depth, even if only to test it out.
  • Twitter: I will likely never visit this thing even rarely with conscious intent. I’ve had a look around and, judging by my experience there, the operative syllable in Twitter is “twit”. Apparently Engtech has found a way to make it useful — link-blogging in concert with, a brilliant functionality mashup — but that’s the exception that proves the rule. Besides, I get Engtech’s link-blogging via RSS, and the repeating cat photo wallpaper is obnoxious (no offense intended).

Tag! You’re it!

  • Um . . . any and all of you that are willing, I guess. I’m not good at tagging people for chain letters.

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