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2 June 2007

the goings-on in coderspace

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I did a quick browse of the first page of the programming subreddit to see what was hot in coderspace*. Here’s what I liked and thought worth sharing:

  1. At BoingBoing, we find the story of the amazing mystery of the new AACS key leak. It was posted as though a joke about the ease of cracking the new AACS key, created to cover the hole caused by the release of the previous key all over the Internet (which, you may recall, ultimately resulted in the peasants revolting at Digg). In case you’re not clear on this, the AACS key is what’s used to encrypt HD-DVDs.
  2. Ron Evans at “Dead Programmer Society” tells us why he would rather be a jazz programmer than a rockstar programmer — and explains the difference. Having read that, I too would rather be a jazz programmer, especially since I’m probably already too old to become a rockstar programmer. Don’t rockstars live fast, die young, and leave a good-looking corpse or, alternatively, end up looking rode hard and put away wet by the time they get to my age?
  3. Coding Horror brings us The Best Code is No Code At All, a meditation on the subject of how one should strive to do the most with the least — not in the sense of the C obfu contest, but more in the sense of the guy who writes code because repetitive tasks should be done by machines, and he doesn’t wanna do ’em, darnit. That includes writing overly verbose code, of course. Read it and learn a bit. Argue, if you must, about whether "" or String.Empty is better, but be forewarned that I’m definitely on the side of "". I also code in Perl and avoid Java like the plague. There’s probably a connection.
  4. Finally, the last thing on the first page of the programming reddit when I looked was 10 tips for developing deployment procedures (or: Deployment Is Development). Yes, I wrote it. In fact, it’s the SOB post just before this one. I wasn’t even aware it was on reddit until I saw it there tonight. I’ve also noticed, in the process of following links around, that both OOP and the death of modularity and The One Important Factor of programming languages are still getting some action, through links various sources. Include Elegance (which I’m almost embarrassed to admit has been called a “seminal work”), and I might have the beginning of a “Joel On Software” or “Hackers And Painters” style of book in my future. Then again, maybe I’m just feeling too full of myself.

By the way, Sterling, I haven’t forgotten about all of your attempts to tag me for “meme” propagation. I really will get back to your Web 2.0 chain letter, and I’ll even address the issue of bullies. I’m sure there’s at least one more I’ve forgotten to address, but it’s not coming to me right now — one a bit older than the Web 2.0. What am I forgetting?

Signing off, Chad

PS: Thanks for the mention at bytesized, Assaf.

(* coderspace: As cyberspace is to meatspace, perhaps coderspace is to cyberspace. Feel free to use my neologism. Really. I might even ponder and speculate about the special properties of coderspace later.)

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