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18 April 2007

CCD CopyWrite mailing list and updates

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I’ve updated the development version of the CCD CopyWrite license, and I’m now sniffing around for a lawyer that is willing and able to give me unofficial opinions on it. I’m entering the home stretch for a version 1.0 release candidate. Tangential to this, I have created a discussion and announcements mailing list for the CCD CopyWrite license, and any (well-meaning) feedback offered by those who join is welcome.

For now, membership is open — just subscribe, confirm your subscription by email, and enjoy. Once you’ve joined the list, your posts will be moderated until such time as I decide to unmoderate your account (which will probably require actually trying to post some things for some of you). That may change as the list becomes more well-established, but for now I don’t know what kind of challenges I may initially face in terms of malicious or spammy subscriptions for this list.

Anyone can join that has an interest in the CCD CopyWrite license and the direction of its development. To find the mailing list, or other information as it appears, cruise on over to the CCD CopyWrite website.

The website, as well, has undergone a little bit of a facelift, and I’ve ensured that it’s functional in IE 7 today. New content will be appearing in the near future (you may note that some of the pages linked in the menu at the top of the page contain only placeholder text for now).

I don’t know how many of you may be using the CCD CopyWrite license, or even how many are aware it exists. Now you know.

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