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16 March 2007


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As I mentioned in an earlier SOB entry about using “blogging” as a development process, I’m planning to spin off a development weblog from SOB. At first, the main focus is likely to be on writing weblog software, since the idea of this spin-off is that I will be writing a weblog application, and will be using it as I write. It’ll be the ultimate expression of the concept of “eating my own dog food”, as the expression goes.

In the comments, Sterling (also of Chip’s Quips) suggested the name “Blogstrapping” for this new spin-off weblog. I thought about it and decided I definitely want to use that term — thanks, Sterling — but I’m not 100% certain how. I’ll either name the weblog “Blogstrapping”, or I’ll use the term as a category for posts in the new weblog that refer to the process of building the weblog software while I’m using it.

Another thing I need to figure out is how I’ll handle the URL. Should I just create a subdomain at (for instance, Should I register a domain name for this (for instance, I’m taking suggestions at this point, on both this matter and that of what to name the thing, if you have any.

I’m going out of town on Thursday, for about six days. I’m making arrangements for a “guest blogger” to take over while I’m away so that you won’t be left without interesting material here at SOB during that period. I mention this in this post because it’s likely that I’ll start the blogstrapping process after I’ve gotten back from my trip and caught up on things I’ve been neglecting while away (like dealing with the moderation queue here, masses of email, and so on). That means that if I don’t miss my guess you should be seeing the appearance of the blogstrapping project around April Fool’s Day. I think that’d be an excellent day to get started.

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