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14 March 2007

article: Use open source Subversion for personal document management

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I now post notices when articles I’ve written are published online. This is meant in part as a service to any of my readers who might be interested in the subject matter — if you’re reading what I write, you might want to read more of it. Today, the following article was published:

Use open source Subversion for personal document management This article is also available as a PDF download.

published by: TechRepublic

Takeaway: The open source version control system Subversion has rapidly become a developer favorite. Chad Perrin explores some of Subversion’s features and explains how it can help you not only manage versions of source code but also personal documents.

Other articles published online are listed and linked at my Online Publication Credits page.

Disclaimer: I do not exercise final editorial control over TechRepublic articles. They pay someone else to do that.

Visitor Demographics

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Over the course of the last two days, these statistics have been collected about you, my readers:

Internet Explorer (not 7.0)67
Internet Explorer 7.041

Windows XP478
Windows 200035
Windows Vista22
Other Windows16
MacOS Intel84

Visitor TypeVisitsPages/Visit
New Visitors8261.16
Returning Visitors741.69

During the last couple days, my most popular page has been the One Important Factor of programming languages, and most of those visits have been from None of them clicked on any ads.

Draw your own conclusions, today. It’s just a two-day sample — obviously, not statistically significant. That’ll take more time.

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