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12 March 2007

“blogging” as development process

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I’ve “decided” (in quotes because it’s not final) that I need better weblog software than WordPress — which is pretty much the best available. I’ve “decided” that I should write my own. I’ve “decided” that I will use Rails to do so. I’ve “decided” that I will “blog” the process of development. I’ve “decided” that I will set up a separate weblog from this one with the software while I’m developing it, and that will be where I update readers on the process — because it will provide me with some great motivation to keep up the development process.

I’ve “decided” that this will spin off the new weblog as my new software development weblog, which means there will be less software development stuff here at SOB.

I have not “decided” on a name for the thing yet, but I will. Eventually.

Before I start.

Not right now, though. I’ll let you know.

edit: I’ve written the software, and it’s running live right now. I’m also still working on it, as I use it. Check for details.

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