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18 February 2007

launching t3h

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I’m announcing the pre-project launch of t3h, a community designed to support autodidactism for computer geeks. The theory is that the synergistic learning environment of an online distributed study group will help motivate more effective and enjoyable learning.

The term t3h is an abbreviation of “The Three Hacks”, and refers to the three traditional passions of the hacker: Language, Platform, and System. Following is the beginning of the text on the website’s About t3h page.

Welcome to The Three Hacks.

This website is designed to foster autodidactism, and to bring hackish minds together to promote a synergistic, community-based learning experience related to the three main areas of traditional hacker passion: language, platform, and system — or mind, body, and soul, via the technological metaphor.

Now that all the hokey pseudo-philosophical nonsense is out of the way, I’ll try to explain things in practical, concrete terms.

I’ve been putting together a small group of people interested in participating in the first project, but I figured I’d make it known more publicly here. Those who are interested are welcome to inquire. Registration at the website is mandatory for direct participation in the Main Project track, but not for reading about it and pursuing similar ends on your own with access to the resources we provide on the site, of course. For those interested in helping shape the schedule for the first Main Project, it is recommended you join the main mailing list, a link to which is located at the top of the main page of the t3h website. During the actual project schedule, Main Project participation will mostly be accomplished through mailing list activity, so even if you don’t want to be a part of the planning phase (which you should), you’ll at least need to be on a mailing list by then.

The first Main Project will be for beginning Ruby programming. More information will be posted on the website as we approach a usable schedule for the first Main Project. Registration on both the website and the t3h mailing list, at this time, requires approval by a moderator (i.e. me). Suggestions and questions are welcome. Those of you who have already been invited to participate and expressed a desire to do so, get over there and register at the site and on the mailing list. Now.

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