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16 January 2007

Help Wanted: submission guidelines

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Now, for the entry I was originally going to post to SOB tonight — I tried opening SOB in the browser to compose this, and found the site down. Now that this problem seems to be cleared up, I’ll get on with business.

I mentioned a while back that I’m creating a liberty-oriented news analysis/opinion website — one that will actually pay its authors, and hopefully me as well above and beyond the costs. I also mentioned that I was working on it in my copious free time. The work, as you may guess by how long it has been since I first mentioned this, has been going slowly.

Frankly, I’ve kinda hit a wall.

I need to put together, among other things, a submission guidelines page, and I’m having a lot of trouble getting any meaningful work done on that. Anyone out there that wants to chip in with suggestions, or even submit a complete submission guidelines page, is welcome to do so. Depending on how much input you give me and how much help it is, you may be able to share in advertising revenue from the site when it goes live. Get in touch with me at my contact page if you have any questions, suggestions, or submissions unsuited to comments here.

downtime, 16 JAN 2007

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My webhost is making me nuts.

I tried loading up SOB in my browser this evening, and discovered that the domain was unreachable. After confirming with Sterling (of Chip’s Quips fame) that it wasn’t just me, I gave the webhost a call. This is a summary of what the tech support drone told me:

  1. The server that hosts my account is down.
  2. It’s a known issue.
  3. The technicians are working on it.
  4. They don’t know when it will be up again.

I asked why the server was down. He told me it was because it was overloaded — bandwidth issues, presumably.

He had two suggestions to offer as ways to deal with this, as a customer of the webhost:

  1. Check again in the morning to see if the server’s up again.
  2. Have them move my account to another server.

Here’s the downside of option 2:

  1. It would take 24-48 hours for the site to be up again.
  2. The new server setup would not have any of my configuration, email accounts, or data on it. I’d have to rebuild everything from scratch.

I went with option 1, with the follow-on that as soon as it becomes practical to do so, I’ll move this domain to a different webhost. These guys suck. It’s pretty sad, really — four years ago, they were the best low-end webhost I could find. Now, they’re among the worst of those with whom I’ve ever done business. I guess they’re still better than Geocities, though.

note: Obviously, the server seems to be up again if you’re reading this. It was intermittent for a bit, and now (as I post this) seems to be steadily running. If you experience downtime for SOB in the next day, give or take, it’s probably related this SNAFU.

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