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9 January 2007

the popularity contest

Filed under: Geek,Metalog — apotheon @ 05:34

There’s a sort of weblog popularity contest going on. It’s “the Bloggies”, meant to be something like the Emmies or Oscars for weblogs. Of course, there’s no Academy of the Arts for weblogs, so it’s just sort of an open popularity contest, as I said: the general public makes all the nominations and does all the voting. I probably wouldn’t ever have noticed the thing if it wasn’t for the fact that Sterling mentioned that he nominated me in a few categories.

You can find out more about the Bloggies at the official website (and ignore the part where someone typed 2005 instead of 2007 when discussing nomination deadlines). You can also nominate me there (or Sterling, of course), but only if you hurry — there isn’t long left for nominations. I suppose you could just nominate some other people entirely, but I really want to win that $20.07. Insert rimshot here, please.

By the way, Sterling, thanks for the kind words: “If you’re a developer and you aren’t reading apotheon’s blog, you should be,” he said.

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