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18 December 2006

I shoulda been a basketball star.

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I just threw a wadded up kleenex from here, sitting in front of my computer desk, into the trash can next to the couch. That’s a distance of about twelve feet into a receptacle whose mouth is about the size of a normal US letter-size sheet of paper. It gets better, though.

The thing is about a foot tall. The couch’s sitting surface is about half a foot taller than that. Roughly the left half of the trash can’s opening is obscured by the couch from here.

There’s a table-like piece of furniture on wheels that is pushed up close to the trash can right now, so that it obscures the right-hand side. Combined with the couch, this leaves a narrow sliver of trash can visible from here.

Between me and the couch, there’s a small end table with a small lamp on it. The vertical shaft of the lamp is just about dead-center in the middle of the otherwise visible part of the trash can. Only the fact that I have two eyes (and thus binocular vision) let me have a view of the trash can at all, really.

The top of the lamp is sort of an umbrella shape, and extends up a ways past my view of the trash can.

I fired off this shot while sitting down. No standing up and facing the trash can for better ability to make the shot accurately — I just turned my head and tossed the kleenex in a pretty little arc a dozen feet where it just dropped neatly into the middle of the trash can. Maybe I’m too impressed with myself over such a small thing, but that was really a great shot.

EDIT: Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have been a basketball star. I just tried again with a wadded up paper bag. It bounced off the edge of the top of the table-on-wheels where it overhangs the trash can. Then again, if it wasn’t for the table, it would have gone into the trash can.

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