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6 November 2006

work, novel writing, and PROCRASTINATION

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I’ve been working my butt off. I had to write a one time password system for a PDF download on a commercial website, have been working in off-time on The Torch and Bell, writing a novel for National Novel Writing Month, and on occasion even procrastinating.

Have a look at some of my procrastination: closeup from a screenshot

That’s a system monitoring tool called conky that I recently installed on my laptop. I decided to add a section to it for showing my novel writing word count progress, so I wrote a Perl script to handle generating percentages of total, configured conky to use the script to show percentages and a completion bar, and added in wc for showing an actual number of words.

Clearly, I hadn’t procrastinated enough, so I decided to turn the Perl script into something others could use, complete with default behaviors and command line options to override those defaults. I then wrote up some instructions on how to make my mojo work for yourself on a free unix system (Linux or *BSD, presumably). I haven’t tested it anywhere but Debian, mind you, so I don’t know how well it’ll work for other distros of Linux or other free unices. All that accomplished, anyway, I then posted it to the web, creating my NaNoWriMo Doohickeys page. Enjoy, or merely marvel at the geeky ways I waste time, if that’s your preference — you may enjoy that as well.

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