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24 October 2006

Support liberty for fun and profit!

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I hope to be able to launch a new liberty-oriented news analysis/commentary and opinion/editorial website by the end of this month — maybe even by the end of this week. Aside from the technical details of getting the site running, I also need a name and a logo for it. Technically, the logo can wait, and it will wait if it has to, but I can’t really publicly launch the site until a day or so after I have a name for it because I need to register a domain name.

I have some half-baked ideas:

  • The Torch: This suggests the torch held aloft by the Statue of Liberty as a logo. I love the imagery, but the name seems somehow lackluster to me.
  • Torch Magazine: I probably won’t use this one. It involves a funny entendre, though, so I wanted to mention it.
  • Torch and Bell: This combines both the “lighting the way, burning down the house” suggestions of the Torch and the “clear ring of liberty, sending a signal far and wide” suggestions of the Liberty Bell. It’s also kind of a lame name, I think, but maybe that’s just me. (edit: Actually, it’s really growing on me.)
  • something lighthouse-ish: This notion comes to mind because of a Thomas Jefferson quote, “Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of Liberty.” It would provide an easy logo idea (something to do with a simple lighthouse doodle), and provides an excellent opportunity to stick that quote prominently at the top of the homepage. It’s “guiding light of liberty” imagery is appealing. I just don’t have an actual name yet.
  • something foghorn-ish: This is much the same as the lighthouse thing, only stupider.
  • So, to recap, I need ideas for a name, a domain name, and a logo. All three should fit together easily and well. I need it soon. Whatever shall I do?

    I know! I’ll have a contest. All you need to win is have a Google AdSense account and give me the idea I’ll use. In exchange for the winning entry, I’ll give some percentage of advertising time on the website with your AdSense account — the ads will appear no more than 10% of the time, though just how much of the time they appear will depend on how useful your suggestion is. If you give me exactly what I end up using, you’ll get advertising on all article pages and the homepage about 9.8% of the time for . . . the first six months. If I feel like you haven’t been adequately rewarded and it looks like the money is about to start rolling in, I’ll extend it (at my sole discretion) for another six months. If you only offer something that provides inspiration or part of what I end up using, the percentage will be lower. There’s no guarantee that anyone will win, because if I come up with something better than all the suggestions in time to use it, and it’s not inspired by any suggestions, then I get the prize. Hah. Chances are good that someone will win something, though, since all my ideas are half-baked at best. In fact, the Jefferson quote was brought to my attention by someone else entirely (who might end up winning this thing, depending on how this little contest goes).

    I reserve the right to deny the prize to anyone I find to be acting unethically (claiming credit for someone else’s idea, spamming, et cetera), but the chances of that happening are pretty slim (I hope).

    Wanna make some money? Get to thinkin’! Also, you can make money by writing for the thing and, if you’re someone I know and trust, you might even be able to make some money by editing others’ writings. Beyond just trying to come up with a name, start thinking about stuff you might want to write, and let me know if you’re interested in helping out.

    It’ll be fun. I swear. Profitable, too.

    More information will be forthcoming.

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