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16 September 2006

Software Piracy Day

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Wednesday, 13 September was Programmer’s Day.

Tuesday, 19 September, will be Talk Like A Pirate DAy.

Split the difference between the 13th and the 19th, and you get today — the 16th.

Split the difference between Programmers and Talking Like A Pirate, and you get Software Piracy.

As such, I hereby declare today, Saturday, 16 September, to be Software Piracy Day.

Okay, so really, today is Software Freedom Day. It’s almost the same thing, though. The major difference is that one is ethical but illegal, and the other is both ethical and legal.

In celebration of Software Freedom Day, I have a gift for you: Read a good book, entirely free of charge.

(Remember that the content of this entry may be distributed under terms of CCD CopyWrite. Why don’t we have a general purpose Intellectual Freedom Day that isn’t limited to software, anyway?)

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