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20 July 2006

Contests: a book and a publication

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I won first- or second-runner-up in a book-suggestion contest at Chip’s Quips, without even entering. Apparently, I get a free book out of it. I don’t know what book to get, though.

So, while you’re thinking about what to suggest as the next place I should get published, you can also think about what book I should request. In fact, I’ll make contests, complete with prizes, for each. While I won’t be so free with my money as Sterling, I’ll give a book each to the people who come up with the book I choose and the first place to give me more than $200 for an article, subject to my approval (I won’t be buying anyone a $500 book, for instance, or awarding anything but ridicule to anyone that suggests TechRepublic).

Get on it, folks.

edit: I may or may not limit it to $20, as Sterling and his benefactor Randy have done. I’m more inclined to be generous if I get another publisher for my writing. The contest is over when I say it’s over — which may be in a week, this Saturday, or three months from now. I’m leaning toward “a week or when I come up with a book to request, whichever comes first”.

Being Published Regularly

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I’m noticing a trend with regards to my writing-for-money endeavor. Specifically, the trend seems to be that when I put any real effort into it, at all, I write much more quickly than they’ll publish at TechRepublic.

I currently have five articles queued up for publication, presumably in my editor’s inbox, at TR. Four of those, along with another that was published almost two weeks ago, have been there since the middle of last month. Part of this delay can be attributed to the fact that the editor was on vacation for about a week and a half.

The salient point here, though, is that there are currently five articles waiting for publication, and it looks like there’s a delay of at least two weeks between publications of articles. That seems suboptimal. As a result, I’m looking for more places to publish. I’ve discovered that I like this writing-for-money thing.

Does anyone have any suggestions for places that’d publish my work? For an example of the sort of thing I’ve been writing (and getting paid to write), check out my growing list of Online Publication Credits. Specifically, the stuff under the “TechRepublic Articles” heading — since the PerlMonks tutorials weren’t paid, of course, and weren’t exactly aimed at professional publication when I wrote them.

Start making suggestions for places to go to get published. More to the point, if YOU, the reader, want to pay me to write stuff, let me know.

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