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29 June 2006

Night of the Living Short Posts II: Test your Web 2.0 mojo.

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I got a perfect score on this quiz of my Web 2.0 jargon knowledge. How will you do?

By the way — learn to touch type. Trust me on this. No master uber leet ninja hunt-n-peck skillzzz will compare to the benefits of touch typing.

When you’re done with the quiz I’ll tell you the answers. More specifically, I’ll post a link to the answers to the quiz questions in a comment to this post here at the original location of this SOB entry, so if you’re reading this somewhere else via syndication feed, you may want to navigate to when you think you’ve answered all the questions correctly. Then again, you may be able to find the answers, despite the broken archive navigation at the site that hosts that textual quiz.

Sometimes, clicking ads yields good results.

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I was inspired to follow an ad link related to blogging as business on Sterling’s weblog, Chip’s Quips, earlier today. Ultimately, where it led me was to some graphical representations of the weblog ecosystem, sometimes known by that too-hip term “blogosphere”. The overview of digital social networking that emerges from these graphical networking maps is actually fairly interesting to ponder. It also shows that politcs and technical discussion (the two foci of SOB) are the apparent most and second-most (respectively) popular topics for weblogs.

A couple of enhancements to this would be muchly appreciated, of course:

  1. I’d like to see an imagemap so that each node on the node-displaying graphics is a link to the actual website.
  2. I’d also like to see it focus a bit less heavily on single-domain weblog communities like and, as I feel that a lot of interconnected weblog community is being ignored by the fact that those communities are so insular and incestuous in their technical implementations.

It’s a good start, though.

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