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19 April 2006

Blogging vs. Writing, Login vs. Spam

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Item: As of today, you will have to register to be able to post comments to weblog entries here at SOB. The reason for this is simple — I’ve been getting a lot of comment spam this month, and every time I have to delete seven friggin’ spam comments when I get up in the morning, it sorta saps my motivation to have anything further to do with SOB, so I go do other things. Yeah, you might have noticed that I haven’t been posting much this month.

That’s not the only reason I’ve been lax in tending SOB, though.

Item: I have some thoughts on the relationship of blogging, forum discussions, mailing lists, and “serious” writing. A near and dear friend sent me a link to an article at Slate titled Why I shut down my blog. It’s an interesting read, and discusses the conflicts that its author, Sarah Hepola, noted between blogging motivation and authoring motivation. She found that while blogging made writing fun in a way that certain other writing activities did not, it also distracted her from working on a book. As a result, she spent years not writing her book. Finally, to get back on track, she shut down her weblog.

I don’t have that problem. Mine seems to be the opposite: when I’m doing “serious writing”, it distracts me from posting new entries in my weblog(s). It distracts me from it quite a lot. I’ve never had the issue of being distracted from writing articles, prose fiction, or anything else because of a weblog, though.

On the other hand, mailing list discussions and web forum discussions both serve to distract me from other forms of writing. This tends to be especially true of the web forum discussions. On the other hand, web forum and mailing list discussions also serve as ad-hoc (I’ve been using the term “ad-hoc” a lot lately) research for other forms of writing, so I think it’d be a net loss to abandon them entirely. I just need to try to maintain a balance.

I wonder what this says about my personality. I suppose it fits well with the fact I tend to come up INTJ on Jung typology tests.

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