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28 March 2006

consistent navigation and upgrade

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Internet Explorer screws up the CSS

Faithful visitors, you may note the mysterious appearance of a tiny little navigation element in the bottom right of the page. Of course — unsurprisingly — it’s utterly broken in Internet Explorer. Instead of a fixed-position menu in the bottom right corner of the browser, I expect that to IE users it looks like a menu that bleeds off the bottom of the bottom-left corner of the page with the same scrolling-position as the rest of the page. I plan to fix that, but for now, it’s just broken. Click on the IE thumbnail to see a larger image that shows how the navigation elements render in IE on the CCD CopyWrite page.

The RPG link in that little navigation element leads to a page that doesn’t exist yet, so don’t bother clicking it. The other three all point at subdomains of though: this one, and two others. The same navigation element exists on all three of those domains, the only difference being the color scheme. I intend to get that RPG page in place ‘ere long, and when I do the navigation will be on that page, too.

In other news, the scripts used for SOB are going to get upgraded to a newer version on the 30th. I’ll back up the database (hope the backup works) in case there are any problems (hopefully the backup won’t be needed anyway), but there shouldn’t really be any interruption of service or need to repopulate the database with data or anything like that. It should just be a basic drop-in replacement dealie. Knock on wood.

what standards compliance gives you Back to that navigation menu thingie. . . .

I tried slapping a position: absolute in there, since IE fails to support position: fixed, but that didn’t work out so well. Anyhow, if you would like to see how the navigation elements are supposed to look, click on the Firefox thumbnail here.

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