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25 March 2006

A Martyr In The Making

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Copied verbatim (with a couple minor edits, clearly marked with brackets) from The Redneck:

The man’s name is Abdul Rahman, and he’s on trial. If found guilty, he could face the death penalty.

His crime? Converting to Christianity.

The [story] first broke on the 19th of March, and since then several conservatives have picked it up — including Tapscott and Michell Malkin (And here!). The Times of UK has a bit more background information.

Abdul Rahman converted from [I]slam to Christianity 14 years ago. He was reported to the police by his family, arrested, and now is on trial for his life. One jail employee told the media “We will cut him into little pieces.”

Here’s at least a little something you can do about it. It won’t cost more than maybe 30 cents, and with enough we may get this man released and ensure that nobody dies for being a Christian.

Call the Afghanistan Embassy. 202-483-6410

Do not cuss, do not holler. Tell them that you want to register your disgust regarding the detainment of Mr. Abdul Rahman. Tell them that the United States did not spend millions of dollars and lay down the lives of American soldiers to see the Taliban replaced with another repressive regime, and tell them that if justice is not seen to, you will pressure your government to take further measures to ensure that such things do not happen.

Call the White House. 202-456-1111

Again — do not cuss, do not yell and shout. Tell them that you are disgusted with the lack of a strong statement regarding the detainment of Abdul Rahman, and that you insist the government of the United States stand up for the principles under which it was founded.

Pray. God does answer prayers, and while it may be His will to call Abdul home, He still listens.

Meanwhile, let’s ask. Where is the other side on this matter? Cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal is worthy of protests and hyperbole, but Abdul Rahman isn’t? Where’s Amnesty International, who bitches at America constantly because we execute actual criminals? Where are the Catholic Bishops who screech every time we arrest some criminal alien sneaking across the border? Where’s a statement from the Senate or House Democrats, or from the dipshits at

How about you guys in Atheists of America, or whatever it’s called, and Americans United for Seperation of Church and State? Are you guys against religion, or just anti-Christian? Some of us — myself included — know the answer to that already, but by your silence you prove it.

I’m not as religiously fervent as the author of this little screed, but I do agree that our voices need to be heard on this matter. The freedom to believe whatever the hell you like is important for everyone, and everywhere. If you’ve ever advocated separation of Church and State in the United States, you should damned well be advocating in favor of Abdul Rahman: he’s being persecuted and prosecuted by his government for his beliefs in a manner far worse than anything against which anyone has demonstrated in the United States. If you can stand on a street corner for three hours with a sign to keep the Ten Commandments out of schools and courtrooms, but can’t spare fifteen minutes on hold and five in conversation to each of an embassy and our nation’s capital to lodge a protest in support of Abdul Rahman’s individual rights, you don’t deserve those rights yourself.

Don’t misunderstand me: I’m all for keeping religious doctrine out of state-funded institutions, whether I agree with such doctrine or not. As individual cases go, however, this one is pretty friggin’ important. Get off your lazy arse and make a telephone call or two. Call your Representatives and Senators in Congress while you’re at it. Feel free to tell them where to stick their USA PATRIOT Act (politely, of course) while you’re at it, but make sure you mention Abdul Rahman.

If you’re feeling really enterprising, spend the dollar on paper, printer ink, envelope, and stamp to mail some hardcopy record of your opinion to members of your government, too.

This whole thing disgusts me, but more than that, the apathy of Americans who don’t care enough to say anything disgusts me even more. Abdul Rahman should be protected by the political influence of the US Government as much as any American in Afghanistan — it is humans who have rights, not merely Americans, and if we’re going to go imposing a new order on other nations we should damned well ensure it’s one that protects the rights of their residents.

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