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21 March 2006

David Bowie says “Changes!”

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A couple things are changing.

  1. The base URL for this weblog is changing from to The old URL will still work, but it won’t be the one that all the links use on the site. The new URL might already be working for you. I hope so, since I already changed the main links.
  2. I’ve decided that The Black Doorway is now going to be called The Ebon Gate instead. Feel free to let me know if I shouldn’t change it. I’m still open to alternatives. I like this new name more, though, so far. I won’t be changing the name of the previous entry on the subject at this time, but future postings will likely use this new name.
  3. This domain has had 525 unique visitors so far this month. I’m not sure how many of them have been visiting SOB, though. Somewhere around half, I’d guess, since that seems to be the difference between this month’s traffic thus far and recent previous months.

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