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18 March 2006

upcoming ponderations

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As of this writing, I have already begun work on four different entries to SOB, and am contemplating what I’ll be doing with a fifth. The four already in progress are:

  • Collective Capitalism: on the subject of applying collectivist concepts to capitalist economics, most notably through the mechanism of the “corporation”
  • Developmental Hierarchy of Understanding: wherein I explain my theory of the individual approach to analysis and understanding
  • Freedom and the Market Economy: in which I consider the relationship of market economics, capitalism, and liberty ethics
  • The Origin of Ethics: examining the cognitive source of individual investment in a given system of ethics

The fifth, not yet in progress or named, will involve a rumination on the elegance of systems, and how this relates to such disparate concepts as programming, models of knowledge, sociopolitical systems, economics, ethics, metaphysics, and even interpersonal relationships. This will most likely make a case for an underlying, perhaps (though I don’t know yet) surprising, similarity in fundamental principles between such disconnected subjects. I can’t really be sure what will be covered by it, however, as the basic concept for the thing has yet to come fully into focus for me.

Accompanying some of these new entries will be the appearance of a new categorization for entries, “Cognition”. Watch for it.

Have I mentioned I’ve been considering, off and on, the possibility of returning to school at some point to pursue a degree in cognitive science? It’s fun stuff to ponder.

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